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Planning and Organizing Your Brand Content Throughout Your Marketing

Organization is number one when it comes to any aspect of your business (and podcast host Dana Morales absolutely agrees!). Cohesively planning your content, marketing and brand means stripping it down to the ‘Whats’, ‘Hows’, and ‘Whys of who you are. Your brand is your center, or your warehouse, with outbound ‘trucks’ channeling all your marketing pieces to ensure it gets to your audience’s doorstep. And what are these trucks carrying? Your brand content!

Although these ‘vehicles’ won’t run effectively together until you truly hone in on how you’re inputting the ‘Whats’, ‘Hows’, and ‘Whys’ into your brand. More importantly, if we don’t step back and establish the goods in your warehouse, then what are your marketing trucks really carrying? What your business serves or sells, how you do it and how your business operates, and most importantly why you do what you do. 

“Content, marketing, and branding does not have to be as scary as I think we all make it sound if we apply proper organization to it.” – Steph Hilfer

What makes a business tick? Let me paint you a picture. Put your brand inside an imaginary building, this is your warehouse. Your warehouse needs trucks to distribute your brand to your audience. Picture a truck for each of your marketing channels, like one for social media and another for your email marketing. What’s inside these trucks is all of your branded content.

All of this needs to be cohesively organized to run smoothly and ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts. When businesses lack structure in their branding, it leaves room for gaps where your audience can perceive your content in a way you didn’t intend. That’s where the Whats, Hows, and Whys come into play.

“Everything about how people perceive you is your brand.” – Steph Hilfer

What – 

  • What your business does
  • What you provide or sell
  • What your business purpose 

How –

  • Showing what you do and how you do it
  • Your brand personality
  • Core values

Why –

  • Why you do what you do
  • Deeper purpose
  • Your business mission

Talking about yourself is the easy part, and also where a lot of businesses lose themselves. The goal is to talk about what your business does without being too overbearing or sounding like a sales ad. The ‘how’ you do business is broken into different parts of how you do business. It’s not just about how your brand does its thing but how you present yourself and what’s important to your brand. Like your personality online and what your core values are. The why should be pretty simple. Ask yourself this, what drives my business? This is where your deeper purpose comes out as to why your business is what it is.

“When consumers are absorbing your content through any of your marketing channels, they didn’t come for ads!” – Steph Hilfer

You do all of this so your audience has a better understanding and makes a connection with your brand rather than just paying for your product or service. Content, marketing, and branding all together sounds like a lot to take on, that’s where simple metaphors like our ‘branding warehouse’ come in handy with breaking each of those down. When you take it piece by piece rather than looking at it as one big task in front of you, and consider where all those pieces originate from and go to, your branding and marketing starts to become more clear.

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