Creating a Unique and Personalized Brand | The W2 Prison Break Show

Paired next to my irrational fear that I’d end up 16 & pregnant (thanks MTV)… I’ve always had this fear that I’d end up in prison! Well, it turns out I’ve been imprisoned, but in a different way than I had ever realized, I was in a W2 Prison!! No more! Since starting Viim and breaking free from the corporate world I’ve officially made my W2 Prison Break! So I was thrilled when Brian O’Neill asked me to be on his show! We talked all things branding, marketing and breaking out of the W2 world and into full time entrepreneurship!

Some highlights from this episode include:

  1.   The difference between marketing & branding
  2.   How I help my clients create a good AMAZING branding!
  3.   What & when should you post on social media
  4.   Why “connection” is the KEY to brands that perform

Check out the episode here:


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