Viim Values


The team at Viim brings the energy! Be ready for high energy and a high level of engagement from our first meeting to our final product.


The team at Viim values a genuine, kind, and caring customer experience brimming with confidence and a glass-half-full perspective. I lead sessions and my business with positive energy, always. That positivity is not the naive pursuit of optimism, but an assurance that our clients will have the best possible results. 


You bring the Why, and we’ll meet it with the Who, What, and How. Viim approaches the act of brand creation with purpose and strategy so that your brand will always feel like the authentic expression of you.


Good enough is never good enough for our clients, for me, or for our team. We only know how to do things one way - the right way, completely, and with our full hearts. Viim is always about quality and giving you, our clients, the pinnacle of our profession.


You will see yourself (and your business) reflected in vibrant, bold color and image. Published in a book, you can look with new eyes at what your customer will see and fall in love with your business all over again.  


Because you have been frustrated by branding your business before, my team and I work hard to make sure that you find peace around the choices that you’ve made for your brand so that you can move forward, confident that your business has found its true identity.

We got this. No seriously, trust me. Let's do this together!