On set Brand Media Production

When you’re ready to level up your brand’s visual game, consider me your on-set guru! I join you at your branding photoshoot or video shoot, not just as a bystander, but as your personal branding conductor. I’ll work closely with your photographer or videographer, making sure every snapshot and frame screams ‘you’ in the most authentic & on-brand way. From organizing a pre-shoot production call to providing a detailed production sheet, I’m there to keep everyone in sync. I’ll suggest locations, props, and even poses that elevate your brand’s essence. I’ll be there as your Brand Mama-Bear, fiercely guarding your brand’s consistency and charisma throughout the day. Plus, I’ll snap some behind-the-scenes magic with my trusty iPhone, giving you extra goodies for your marketing arsenal. Let’s make sure your brand shines, and let’s make it memorable!

On-set Brand Media Production

✗ Patient’s clothes have distracting patterns
✗ Background is distracting
✗ Clinician’s uniform is inappropriate
✗ Obscure procedure being performed
✗ Clinician’s face looks dull

On-set Brand Media Production

✓ Clothing features on-brand colors
✓ No distracting patterns or background
✓ Clinician wears an appropriate uniform
✓ Procedure on the face is clearly visible
✓ Clinician’s face appears warm

On-set Brand Media Production

✗ Model’s face obscured
✗ Clothing color not aligned with brand
✗ Image lacks vibrancy

On-set Brand Media Production

✓ Model’s face illuminated
✓ Clothing color matches brand standards
✓ Image exudes warmth and allure

What is included

On-set Brand Media Production, is here to ensure your branding photoshoot or video shoot captures the essence of your brand in every frame!

What’s included:

  • Pre-Production Session: Before we even step on set, we’ll have a detailed production session. This is where we lay the groundwork to make sure your shoot day goes smoothly. You’ll know what to expect, and so will your entire team, from photographers to videographers.

  • Expert On-Set Advising: I’ll be there to advise the media team on everything from angles to lighting to ensure they capture the heart and soul of your brand. Whether it’s suggesting the perfect shot or tweaking the mood, I’m there to make sure your vision comes to life.

  • Seamless Organization: From ensuring that everyone sticks to the production sheet to keeping the day’s activities humming along on schedule, I’m there to handle the details. That way, you can focus on being your most fabulous self in front of the camera.

  • Creative Direction: Need a little inspiration? I’ll suggest locations, props, models, and poses to enhance your production. Plus, I’m always ready to offer new ideas for shots that can maximize your investment and be used across multiple marketing platforms.

  • Brand Mama-Bear: Your brand’s integrity is my top priority. Like a true Brand Mama-Bear, I’m there to protect and promote your brand’s reputation throughout the shoot, ensuring every piece of content aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Extras: Who doesn’t love a sneak peek? I’ll take behind-the-scenes content with my iPhone that you (and your media team!) can use for social media or marketing materials, adding that extra layer of engagement with your audience.

Why this is a no-brainer:

With On-set Brand Media Production, you’re not just getting a service; you’re bringing in a partner who is as invested in your brand as you are. I bring my expertise directly to your shoot, ensuring that every element from planning to execution is handled with care and aligns perfectly with your branding goals.

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Still not sure you need me on-set? Check out these Rave Reviews:

Rave Reviews

“Steph is the PERFECT support person when it comes to branding photo shoots – she knows the photography side of things, and obviously is killing it on the branding end, so she’s truly the best of both worlds. She keeps things on track, has an amazing eye for different perspectives and angles that I wouldn’t usually consider, since I’m so new to the branding world – having Steph along for the session made things soooo much smoother!” – Jessie Finch 

“KLS Aesthetics has been with Viim since early 2020! I am so glad we chose to partner with Viim not only for their Branding services, but also their On-Set Brand Photography Production. It is nice not to have to explain all of our branding to another photographer. Because Viim understands our business, it just makes sense to have everything in one place. The Viim team knows all and Steph makes the operations so streamlined. They offer a very unique, concierge based service that we have never experienced before. Viim is easy to work with and just makes it happen. I literally kick back and watched them do their magic! I’m looking forward to our next photoshoot in 2025!” – Katrina Love

2hr On-set Brand Media Production = $495
Half-Day On-set Brand Media Production = $995
Full-Day On-set Brand Media Production = $1,695

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