Branding Self Discovery Masterclass

There’s one thing I know – you value what others think, say and FEEL from your company. Whether that’s gone astray, you aren’t maximizing the power of branding, or you’re a brand new business wanting to kick things off right, our Branding Self Discovery Masterclass is THE first step!

Our video guided Branding Self Discovery Masterclass walks you through the same exercises that we use to develop our 1-to-1 clients Branding. Throughout the video we give you an opportunity to pause and reflect on the exercise independently or with a team. Our 1-to-1 Branding clients spend anywhere from 6 to 8 hours with us completing these exercises, so don’t feel like you need to rush through. Oftentimes the Branding Self Discovery Masterclass is done over the course of several days or we love encouraging it as a team building exercise with your leadership team. 

Interested in working with us 1-to-1? Your investment in the Branding Self Discovery Masterclass can be applied to our Branding Discovery and Development package within 60 days of purchase.

Branding Self Discovery Masterclass

$ 697.00

"Working with Steph was just what I needed to begin separating my business from the competition. Branding gives your business an identity and Steph walks alongside of you through the discovery process to be sure you can stand in confidence as a leader in your industry. When people go through various seasons of their lives they go for a makeover. Well, if you are ready to take your business to another level contact the business makeover queen herself, and let Steph be your guide."
Otis Robertson
Masterclass Graduate

Branding Self Discovery Masterclass FAQ’s

A .pdf download + video guidance of our Brand Identity Self Discovery. This includes our Brand Identity Self Discovery workbook with the exclusive exercises we walk our 1-to-1 clients through and video guidance to walk you through each exercise. 

• The Complete DIY: This package is ideal for the absolute control freak. Hey, hey!! That’s not a negative thing! We know that running a business is hard, time consuming and sometimes you just need to take control and get-it-DONE! This package fits the bill. The Complete DIY package includes:
• The Brand Identity Self Discovery Workbook 
• Video Guidance through each exercise

• DIY + Guidance: This package is perfect for those who like to take some extra time by themselves or their team to process the exercises before talking to an expert. This package includes a 90 minute follow-up session with our owner and Creative Director, Steph. Steph will help you go deeper into the exercises or answer any questions that may have popped up along the way. 

Need more support? If neither of these packages seem like the right fit for you, you likely are ready for our Brand Identity Discovery & Development package. Learn more about that package here.

The Brand Identity Self Discovery is perfect for small, medium or large companies. Oftentimes these exercises help business owners flush out ideas about the brand, inconsistencies across company direction, and or solidify existing brand elements. 

Large corporations benefit from repetitively repeating these exercises on an annual basis to ensure the pulse of their company the core of their brand is consistently bled throughout their branding and marketing. It’s also important to know that branding and marketing is both internally and externally. Your brand keeps this pulse much stronger than any marketing efforts can do.

Your workbook once completed, becomes your brand Bible. It is the guide that you fuel every action and effort that your company does, through. What we’ve done with the workbook is take all of the messy thoughts and put them onto one document. Share this workbook with any team member who is representing your brand through sales, marketing, hiring, etc. 

Think of it this way, how many times have you said, “Yeah, I know exactly what we do”, but when you need to share that with somebody it’s sitting up in your head messy, not flushed out in a clean way. This workbook helps you flush it out, get it on paper and get it into a usable or usable file so that you can regularly access it and use it. Better yet, it gives your team access to the same information so that your brand stays consistent no matter who is executing the brand or marketing.

No, the Brand Identity Self Discovery is the strategic session that helps flush out the intention behind your company. We use the same Discovery with our 1-to-1 clients to take this a step further and Develop all of the visual and messaging assets that support the brand.