It’s Steph!

Yes… my full name is Stephanie. But since I could remember, I’ve preferred Steph! There’s just something about it… like we’re instantly friends – and for what we’re going to do together, that’s the best start!

I’m so happy you landed here! Whether we’ve chatted before or you are just getting to know me there are a few things to hit right off the bat:

I am intentional

When it comes right down to it, I am a strategist. But honestly, that title does little to convey the depth of what we’ll do together.

I am a visionary

I see what doesn’t yet exist and I bring it to life.

I am full of Viim

Viim means enthusiasm. Literally, the definition of vim is: high-spirited, enthusiastic, energetic, vitality. 

What I do

I bring authentic, stunning and impactful brands to life!

How I do it

I deeply integrate my expertise with your business to enthusiastically and intentionally discover your brand.

Why I do it

Why I do what I do is why you are here!
For me, connecting with brands is the same as connecting with people. Remember that guy from the movie, A Beautiful Mind? Yeah, that’s me – but with branding. I can instantly see what a brand could be. It’s my unique brilliance. And it’s something I must do. I would do it even if no one paid me to do it. (But a girl’s gotta eat!)

We got this. No seriously, trust me. Let's do this together!