Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions! Still not getting the answer you are looking for? Ask Steph!

Think of a house. What keeps that house from crumbling? A sturdy, well thought out foundation. This is exactly how you start with Viim. We build the foundation of your company through our Brand Identity services. We can then start to frame and fill the interior of the home with marketing efforts that are well thought out and executed.

A strategy encompasses the intentional and plan for an overall digital marketing strategy, go-to-launch strategy, social media strategy, etc.. Post Strategy completion, we can then determine monthly or project based deliverables.

Each Viim client begins with a Strategy. This is intentional for both Viim and our clients. It is embedded within our foundation and vital to the success of our work. Viim is Visual, Integrated, Intentional Marketing. The strategy allows us to make decisions that are intentional for your company’s goals.

Yes! Many of our clients have internal teams, interns or they want to execute their own marketing strategy. 

Each Viim client begins with a marketing strategy. Strategy investments start at $3,500. After the strategy is completed, this will then dictate the needed deliverables and the costs associated with them.

Consider this, can an airline tell you how much your flight will cost without knowing the following; Where are you going? When you are going there? When will you return? Would you like to sit in first class, business or coach? How many bags will you be checking? All of these elements determine the price of your airline ticket. Similar to this scenario, your strategy tells us the who, what, when, where and why’s for your strategy. 

We LOVE branding! But we understand that branding is more than “just a logo”. Check out our branding packages and see what you’ll be missing out on if you get “just a logo”,

Absolutely! Project based services are reserved for Viim Brand Identity clients only.