Brand Discovery & Development

Since 2004, I have had the privilege to create brands for businesses and entrepreneurs! Each client brings new opportunities for creativity, as well as their own unique desires and needs.

Brand Discovery and Development

Your brand encompasses everything about who you are, what you stand for and most importantly; why. But what is a brand without eyes on that brand? Learn more below. 

Brand Discovery Session

This immersive discovery day will go in depth on your company’s what, how & why. Additionally, we’ll discuss your audience, competitive landscape, personality spectrum and more. These exercises will be the foundation for all of the work we do to develop & define your brand identity. This full-day session is 8 hours. Learn more!

Brand Messaging

Your brand statement, also called your brand definition, shrinks all your thoughts about your business mission, values, promise, and character into a concise statement. Additionally your Brand Identity Content includes:

Core Values: Core values are the fundamental beliefs of your company. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.

Personality Spectrum: Your Personality Spectrum represents the personality of your brand. Are you funny? Serious? Rebellious? Flirty & Fun? 

Brand Language: Brand language is the body of words, phrases, and terms an organization uses to describe its purpose or in reference to its products. Brand language is used in marketing to help consumers connect specific words or ideas to specific companies or products.

Brand Visuals

Logo Creation
Logomark/Wordmark & Logo Variations. Your logo is a primary visible element within your brand. Distinguishing your brand in consumers’ minds. 

Brand Colors
The psychology behind color theory, allows your company to further tap into branding techniques and better connect with your market. Color Schematics & Color Usage Guide provides clarity for the variety of color models that you will need to utilize, depending on the scope of your project.

Font Selection
The selection of fonts identified in your brand identity as well as the usage intent and parameters around when to and when not to use; such as, Header, Paragraph, Accent Fonts, etc. You will be provided with the useable font files for each.

Supporting Brand Elements
Supporting Brand Elements are specifically defined graphical elements that are uniquely used by your company.

Brand in Action Samples
Get inspired with examples of how your visual brand elements may be used in real-life examples and mockups.

Brand Personas

Brand Personas (sometimes referred to as a client avatar, target audience, customer profile, etc.) is a representation of our ideal customer—the type of person that will likely want to purchase our services or products. We create (4) Personas on behalf of your brand.

Usage Guides

After you receive your digital files, you may be wondering — what do I do with these? Why are there so many different formats? We’ve outlined what these are and when you might need them. Additionally, the Color Schematics & Color Usage Guide provides clarity for the variety of color models that you will need to utilize, depending on the scope of your project.

Brand Hardback Books (2)

Your Brand Identity books are not meant to sit and collect dust. Use this book as your new brand bible! Keep it handy for quick reference or use our interactive tear out pages to keep the most important items at the forefront of your mind!

Brand Media (Photo & Video) Consultation

A 1-hour brand photography/videography consultation to discuss with your photographer/videographer of choice the unique needs your brand needs.

(4) Monthly Brand Coaching & Progress Calls

Each month we’ll have a scheduled 1 hour Brand Coaching & Progress Call to ensure that your branding is moving along smoothly and discuss how to set yourself and your brand up for success.


Starting at $20,000

Payment plans available

Why do I have to apply?

We want to make sure that this is the absolute right investment for you. This application allows us to check for alignment with your needs and requirements with what we will deliver.


Website Development

Your website development kicks off with a Website Discovery Session. This is to ensure that the demands of your future site are accounted for and built into your launch plan. Phase 1 includes a complete overhaul of your site, immersing your visitors into your brand. Additionally, what good is a new website, if 1 month later it’s already stale? Our websites come with a 1 year website maintenance & improvements package.

Google Business Profile

Now that your brand identity and website are finished, allow us to manage your Google Business Profile and help you get seen! On behalf of your company, we will manage your Google Business Profile with updates (posts) and keep Google happy with the maintenance your Google Business Profile requires!


Social Media Overhaul

We will provide you with the primary social media images and content needed to get your new branding in front of your social audience! Up to 2 platforms. Additionally, we will provide 6 introduction post images so you can launch your new brand right away!

Next Steps

Now that you have a deeper understanding on what’s included in our packages, it’s time to take the next steps!

Still looking around? Click “Brand Journey” to take an interactive tour on what to expect during your Brand Identity Discovery and Development journey, with Viim! Also, check out our 90-second Discover Your Brand video for an in-depth look at how we work!

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