Viim Explained

Has the challenge of branding and marketing your business become a four-letter word? If so, step into my digital space, my friend, because I’ve got a better one…


Not the first four letter word that came to mind? When it comes to solving the problem of creating an intentional and visually stunning brand that separates your business from its competition, I can promise it’s the only four-letter word you need to know from here on out.

Hi, I’m Steph Hilfer, the founder and Chief Creative Director of Viim. On behalf of your new marketing team, welcome! You might have noticed that I didn’t use the traditional spelling for the word vim when naming the company. No, I didn’t have a spare vowel to use while going for a triple-word score. That extra letter is the difference between creating your brand alone and having an expert stand at your side to guide you through the branding process. When you work with me and my team, you enter into a positive and exciting collaboration with gifted creatives who will shape and amplify the emotional connection you have with your business so you can do the same with your clients. 

That’s because at Viim, we are all about your unique business. My company values boil down to you. Every member of my team has an insatiable curiosity about the magic your brand brings to the world. Our team is here to herald your story, trumpets blaring, with a professional skill and love for branding that strengthens your market presence and compels your customers to take action.

Viim is about energy and passion for your energy and passion. 

I’m going to let you in on a secret. What you need isn’t just a logo. It isn’t a social media content calendar, either. (Though, girl, believe me, we’ve got you!) What you really need is a brand – a complete concept that describes your company, your product, or you. A professional brand and the brand book that displays it guide the way you market in every medium and on every platform. Viim binds the soul and story of your business into a visually stunning page-turner. Let us weave your story into a brand that defines and elevates your company through the artistry of word and image.

Does it sound like a lot to deliver in one book? I promise, it isn’t.

Ok, indulge me a moment…say it out loud. “Viim.” Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? It has movement and warmth. Visual, Intentional, Integrated Marketing. 

Viim is a verb. It is an energetic action. It’s also an acronym for what we do.

Visual. It’s about your image, the play of color and font, form and silhouette, but it’s also about how the words describing your brand paint a vivid picture of the unique way that you deliver a product or service. The visuals we create for you will endow your brand with its personality and presence.

Intentional. A well-crafted brand strategy doesn’t just represent you on a business card or your website. Intentional brand strategy actually scales your business. It is the engine that fulfills your business objectives. This is why when clients come to me because they “just need a logo”, I gently explain that a logo and a brand are not the same thing. I have worked with many clients who only did a logo when developing their brand, but were disappointed when their logo failed to express exactly who they are and what they do. That is because they missed the most important element in branding: strategy. (And… not to brag, but strategy? It’s my jam!)

Integrated. I believe in creating a complete brand. And because I believe so strongly that every business deserves that, I don’t work with everyone. If we decide to work together, expect to collaborate in the branding journey and to examine your business holistically. We’re in this together. Together we are going to geek out a bit with client avatars, color theory, and supporting brand elements. You will know exactly how and where to use the brand assets that we create. You will be able to speak the language of your brand with enthusiasm, and with… dare I say it? Viim. So, the next time someone tells you there’s no “i” in “team”? Tell them they’re absolutely right – there’s two. That extra “i”? It’s me. And I’m here to integrate all of the things that make your unique business into one positive, cohesive message of branding excellence.  

V.I.I. These are the building blocks for your brand – Visuals, Intention, and Integration. And what about the “M”, you say? Well, that’s where people often get confused.     

Marketing. What I’m going to tell you next is going to Rock.Your.World. Are you ready for it? Marketing is not branding. And while we’re at it, branding is not marketing. Branding is the perception and personality of your company expressed in visuals. Marketing is the vehicle that you use to get your brand out into the world.  Often, I see the good efforts put into a brand stop with the finished book of assets that never see the light of day. Your brand has to breathe. It must have a life. Viim can help you use your brand and your brand assets the way that they were meant to be used – as a tool – to reach out to your customers in digital and traditional media spaces.

Ready to get started? Fantastic! We offer Brand Identity packages for every need. Do me a favor and make a quick trip over to Brand Identity Book Shelf to check them out. Be sure to complete the inquiry form. I look forward to meeting with you very soon!

Not ready yet? No problem! I know this is an important decision and I have so much more to share with you about branding. 

We got this. No seriously, trust me. Let's do this together!