Creating a Unique and Personalized Brand | The W2 Prison Break Show

Paired next to my irrational fear that I’d end up 16 & pregnant (thanks MTV)… I’ve always had this fear that I’d end up in prison! Well, it turns out I’ve been imprisoned, but in a different way than I had ever realized, I was in a W2 Prison!! No more! Since starting Viim and […]

Viim’s Steph Hilfer On Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast

Our very own Steph Hilfer recently spoke with Smart Real Estate Coach’s Chris Prefontaine about personal branding. It’s not every day you get invited to speak on a popular podcast. However, that’s exactly what happened to Steph when she was approached by real estate investment coach Chris Prefontaine, who previously appeared on Steph’s broadcast, to […]

Steph as a Guest on Goals To Results!

I was so excited to be a guest on the Goals to Results podcast with host Dennis Riley! The episode is now available! Check it out here: Here’s a quick synopsis of what we chatted about on the episode: While I started my branding agency, Viim, back in 2018, I’ve always been a bit […]

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Intentionality means changing your perspective on how you show up in the world. Viim and their team offer a one-day-long discovery call for their new clients that aligns their vision, their business’s vision, and their team’s vision.

Organized Holistically Podcast Interview

Ready to take a trip to the warehouse? Tune in as I break down your “branding warehouse” and how to cohesively strategize your content to fill your marketing vehicles!

Learn what and when to post to social media

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Viim owner, Steph Hilfer, who is a very enthusiastic, positive and energetic person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a huge smile on her face.  She started Viim (Visual, Integrated, Intentional marketing) in 2018 and went full-time in her business at the end of 2020.