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Connect what your customers see, hear and feel – with your heart. (as mushy as that sounds)

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Whether you are just getting your feet on the ground running or you’ve been established for some years,
discovering & developing your brand identity is a vital step in your business growth!

How we get it done!

Branding Discovery & Development

Work with our team and we’ll take the reins and fully develop your brand.

Branding Self Discovery Masterclass

This masterclass will guide you through our branding discovery process, providing you with the tools to develop your brand.

DISCOVER YOUR BRAND (in 90-seconds)

Your Brand starts with more than just a logo. Viim explores this with CLS Septics and reveals there new brand in this short 90-second video!

What is 'Viim'?

Viim is a play off the english word, "vim" meaning lively or energetic spirit; enthusiasm; vitality. We also turned it into an acronym, learn more!

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Brand Discovery & Development

Our Brand Discovery & Development begins with our full-day Discovery. This immersive and interactive full day session dives deep to unveil your true uniqueness.

Branding Breakdown

What exactly is a “Brand?” Isn’t that just my logo and colors?
Don’t fret. We get this question a lot! So let’s go through the Branding Breakdown:

branding vs marketing

TL;DR = Branding is NOT Marketing, Marketing is NOT Branding!!
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but branding and marketing are not one in the same! Marketing is the vehicle you use to get your brand to your consumers.

what is a brand?

Many think a "brand" is simply their logo, but it is so much more!
Your brand is how you are perceived, it's your reputation! Our efforts help control the narrative around your personal or corporate brand. What does your brand say about you?

what is an identity

What exactly is "branding", isn't that just my logo?
Your logo is one (vital of course) piece to your brand. Follow along our Brand Journey to understand more of our unique process!

what is a logo?

What exactly is a “Brand Identity?”
Isn’t that just my logo
Don’t fret. We get this question a lot!
So let’s go through the
Brand Identity Breakdown

Check out our work

If you are anything like us, a visual aid might be helpful!!

Check out a few of our recent brand projects below!

We got this. No seriously, trust me. Let's do this together!