Instagram Growth

For over 13 years, I have had the privilege to create brand identities for businesses and entrepreneurs! Each client brings new opportunities for creativity, as well as their own unique desires and needs. This is why Viim has a variety of packages to fit every need. Our featured packages are outlined below. 

Who It’s For

This program is for:

We created this program specifically for businesses or individuals with an active Instagram Account looking to organically grow their Instagram Followers to promote and sell their products and/or services.

How It Works

Here’s how it works:

We start with a “Instagram Follower Growth Strategy Session”. This is a 1 hour strategy session that will review and refine the following:

• Define What, How, & Why
• Define Values
• Define Target Audience
• Define Personality Spectrum

We then take the information above and utilize it to engage with your ideal customers via your account to grow your followers. We can do this at a minimum of 16 hours and increase up to 40+ hours per month. The more hours, the higher engagement we can achieve, therefore increasing followers at an expedited rate.

Investment Options

Instagram Follower Growth Strategy Session: $250 (one time investment)

Monthly Options:
• 16 engagement hours – $450 per month
• 24 engagement hours – $600 per month
• 32 engagement hours – $750 per month
• 40 engagement hours – $900 per month
• 10+ engagement hours – Let’s talk!

Results & Testimonies

Growth statistics varies from industry to industry and from account to account. There are a variety of reasons why one account will grow at a different rate from another feed. We can discuss these.

Current Averages:
Follower Rate: 15-18 per engagement hour
Conversion Rate: 30%
Growth Increase: +116%

What people are saying:
“Eeeeeek it’s so exciting seeing followers already, and I love some of the new accounts I’m seeing in my feed!!”
”I’m SO IMPRESSED at the work you guys are doing.”