Why thank you!


We have the best fans. They are no longer clients, they are Viim family and we’re so thankful for their love and support. Here’s a little more about what they have to say about Amy, Steph and Viim.

“I hired Steph to help me with designing our logo and marketing materials. She also was so knowledgeable and helpful when I started advertising my bakery. Without her, we couldn’t have been as successful! Our logo was so cute, and all of our materials were so professional. The marketing campaign she set up through Google and Facebook increased business revenue that quarter three times over! I’m so glad I trusted her to take my business to the next level!”

- Dani Snell, Dangerous Designs & A Pie in the Sky Bakery

“I've been using Steph for marketing support for nearly 7 years. She has been a lifesaver for my business. After hired, she spent hours brainstorming and rebranding my business. She had so much more vision then the 1st person I hired. She took charge and gave me so much advice. She's created a new logo for me, new menu, flyers, Facebook advertisements, and so much more. Ever year she continues to impress with her creativity and speed for completing things. I'm very pleased and will continue to use her."

- Lindsay Penney, On The Go A Latte

“I have known Steph for many years! Not only is she an amazing friend, but her work ethic and passion to help others strive to improve their business is infectious.  Steph goes above and beyond when working with you to see things from an outside perspective or to help you brainstorm ideas you may have not considered.  I appreciate how she takes her time to explain things straight forward and you will always get an honest opinion from her. Steph's eye for detail is impeccable. She branded my business just by knowing my personality and nailed it spot on! I couldn't be happier with what she created for my branding!  Steph is always willing to work with your vision and won't be done until you and her both are 100% satisfied. Also, her love for her business and desire to help others pushes me to want to build and mature my business! If you have the opportunity to work with her on your side, you will be very lucky and very pleased!”

- Meredith Woods, Meredith’s Waxing

“Such a creative genius! Steph took the ideas I had in my head and actually made them work perfectly in my marketing materials! I am still using the original business cards she created for me 6 years ago because everyone I give one to comments on how beautiful they are! She not only helped me brand my website and create gorgeous images for my business, but she helps me update them when needed. Highly recommended!”

- Laura Young, Align To Divine Health

Steph Hilfer